10 out of 10

5'9" 160 lbs.

I will give it a Ten. The reason everyone is paddling one of these is that EJ hit the nail on the head. How do you make the world's best playboat? Start with the world's best boat! The reason everybody and his grandma can throw it around is that there are no guessing games. The boat is stable in rapids, on flatwater, in eddies, on waves, in holes. There's none of the accidental catch-an-edge-and-brace-and-lose-the-wave crap that you get from other boats. This boat responds to everything you do smoothly. It's like the boat waits for you to be sure and then follows you there, and lets you take control. You have the freedom to ACT in this boat, not react. It's so darn good just to paddle that it's almost enough to just sit in it.

Now comes the playboat part. You reach the end of the eddy and the right nanosecond comes, you throw down. Does the boat get pushed out? No. Does the boat catch by itself? No. Does the boat wobble, forcing you to brace? No. Unless you feel like it. Does the boat get pushed off the wave? No. It does nothing you don't want it to do. That's why it does everything you do want it to. Is that clear? It just means when you lean, and put the end down it does what you expect. When you rotate like you were told in the clinic, it follows. It's like the boat went to the clinic, too. It is YOUR boat, not the other way around, where you are ITS paddler. Other boats are like the neighbor's Doberman that stays with you for the weekend. It tears up your couch, knocks over the TV screen, and eats your gerbils. The EZ is like a loyal collie that rescues Timmy from the well, fixes dinner and finds you the best price on airfares. There's no contest. You and the EZ are like a team.

Never mind the FAT system. That's a dream to work with and sit in.

EJ is a friggin' GENIUS. KU Effin' DOHs!

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