Great Play Boat

9 out of 10

About me: 6'00"; 225 lbs; sz 11.5 foot. Experience paddling 27 years total - 11 in a kayak. Previous boats owned - Dagger Outlaw, Perception Phat, Dagger Midevil, Jackson Hero, Wavesport EZG 60. I have also paddled the Molan, Jackson 4Fun and a Jackson Super Star.

This boat is a 2010 purchased new in 2011. I am the second owner- first owner only paddling it in a lake. I think it is the last year they made the Project 62 and went to the ProjectX, but not sure about that. I bought this boat on a whim and decided on it rather than a Jackson Super Star.

Pros: First out-Outfitting. I love the seat, ratcheted back band adjustment and back band. Hip pads are also nice with the pockets that can be taken out and readjusted to thickness. I paddled it straight for 1.5 hours of river run and 1.5 hours of continuous play on one hole - no numbness of feet or hips (which I have just come to think is something I will have to live with as a big paddler, but not with this boat). The boat is a freestyle playboat, so don't expect it to perform as a river runner. But you can definitely take it down river, it just doesn't perform like a river runner. You have to set up way ahead of features because it is not as fast as a river runner. The boat is stable, very easy to roll and has great secondary stability. Front surfs like a dream with a small bit of pearling but it stays in the feature. Side surfs and spins great as well. Bow Stalls and stern squirts excellently. The boat is very slicey. I have never been able to stick on top of a wave or foam pile like I can in this boat. It is very fast on the current, making it easy to not only surf but ferry as well. Because it is fast you may find yourself slipping off into the green water sooner than you would like, but easily overcome with experience. The boat is lightweight.

Cons: I'm still not sure about whether Wavesport fixed the issues with their cockpits cracking, but this one seemed to have thicker plastic around the cockpit rim than my other Wavesport EZG60 so I was willing to take a chance, especially since it was like new and the price was right. It seemed to be harder to set up for and catch the eddys than my other boats, but this has to do with it being a shorter boat. I'll just have to learn to get more speed and enter the feature higher and force the carve more (it wants to spin rather than carve). However, it is more stable across the eddy line than the Outlaw - no unexpected river trolls grabbing the sides or back.

The cons do not outweigh the pros - and actually if you are looking to freestyle you must give up some of the abilities to gain others. In other words, you can't have a boat that both carves and spins 100%, you must give up some of one to gain the other.

So far, I would purchase this boat again. Now we'll see if I can learn to loop it.

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