Fun boat

8 out of 10

I bought one of the first production boats and have been paddling it since. It’s a lot of fun in everything but the pools. The length would tempt you to think old school, but you’d be closer to the truth viewing it as a stretched and narrowed creeker. The significant rocker and volume separate it from the early generation of kayaks. With the extreme rocker it turns on a dime. Few fail to be surprised when they try it out. The narrow beam makes it a breeze to edge and roll. It’s as maneuverable, if not more so, than the 8’ river runners I own. If you aren’t paddling constantly on the flats, it will invariably spin out on you. It’ll ferry and eddy turn okay, but lacks the edge for a sharp carve. But, it’s at home in the foamy stuff. It punches holes and boofs with ease. Draws and sideslipping get you on the line you want with little problem. Attainments are a snap. It resurfaces smartly in drops. The outfitting is comfortable and fairly adjustable. There’s room to spare for big feet. There are a couple molding flaws on mine and there were some loose nuts rattling around in the bilge when I took delivery. The narrow beam and extra length require a little more attentiveness than my standard creek boat. But, there is a return on the investment.
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