Green Boat Review
Green Boat Review

10 out of 10

I just got a new Green Boat and it is the bomb.  Don't be fooled by the old school appearance at first glance.  This boat has more rocker on each end so your not contantly pearling out, newer outfitting and is comfy as a narrow low deck boat can be, wider at each end for better turning and carving, the bottom is somewhat of a cross between plaining an displacement which is a perfect mix for me (so you can get it up on an edge when carving out attaining moves, and is veeeerrry light for a long boat.  This thing was made for speed.   When I first saw the pics of this boat it looked kind of like a streched Nomad, but when I saw it up close I was pleasantly suprised.   The top of the boat looks sharp with cool accent lines and a map design of the green narrows that you probably won't pick up from any of the pictures.  For us guys that have done evrything else and just want to see how many moves we can do on the river, this is it.  Thanks to the boys at dagger for finally giving us a new option to an old school boat.  You beat the competition to the punch.  I think you guys will sell the crap out of these.
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2014 Dagger Green Boat
For Sale $750.00
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