Project 62 review w/update

10 out of 10

First of all I have no association with any kayak company.

Im 6'1 240lbs 32in inseam size 10 feet.

Previos boats

Pyranha Mountain 300
Perception Dancer
Pyranha Micro 230
Pyranha Acro 275
LL CR 250
WS P 62

This is hands down the best playboat for me and I will recomend it for every larger paddler...

I have never been all that good at playboating. Actually, this is my forst season at it. Until I picked up this P62 I have never been able to get vertical in flatwater. Today that changed. This boat plows easily and double pumps like a charm. It is just as easy to roll as my Micro and puts the CR 250 to shame inthis dept.

Outfitting is the most comfortable I have been in a boat. Everything is just right where I need it to be, I feel well positioned, had good control and after 2hrs of paddling my feet never went to sleep!!!

I took this on a Class 2 2+ trip yesterday. fun to paddle downstream, does everything that you would expect from a playboat. Only got some minor surf as ther water is super low right now. I will have it out on larger water soon and will edit this post accordingly. So far this is the best boat playboat I have ever paddled.

If you are a larger paddler looking for a playboat, GO GET A PROJECT!!!!!


I have now had this boat out on several rivers. Nothing to gnarly, class 3. Everything I have posted above stays the same. Every time I head out, I paddle this kayak. One point I spent 5 hours without getting out and never once did I become uncomfortable.

I have had this in many holes and it spins sooooooo fast. This hull is slick! Carves about on a wave like nothing else I have paddled. The outfitting is still the best yet.

Now I am not some freaky great playboater. This is my first season at it. so far i have been able to bowstall, Double pump, Flatwater cartwheel and one day spent at least 3 hrs just doing squirts. I have had nothing but trouble in other boats learning any tricks. The Project shoved me into the learning curve. My only bad thing to say is, i am a better paddler in this boat.

In a nut shell... The Project ROX!!!!!!!!!
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