Dagger Nomad 8.1

10 out of 10

I've been paddling my Nomad 8.1 for a while now (both the original and now the 2007 spec) and feel ready to pass my comments on the boat...

Outfitting: -

My boat has the new 2007 outfitting and I can honestly say it is a real improvement. One of the main problems with the old spec was the ridiculously small access behind the seat (to the point where it was difficult to even stow my throwbag!). The new seat has the best rear access of any current creeker I've seen, it also has a naughty little copy of the LL Jefes' underseat storage compartments. The backrest is far more supportive and comfortable and also now easily moved out the way to utilise that newly available rear storage space. Even the seatpad has been redesigned and gives a nicely padded, grippy feel and the new safety attachment points are nice black Dagger ones; more substantial than the old ones.

Paddling: -

The boat paddles like a true creeker should; quick, agile with a nice smooth hull profile. It holds its' line like a champion, even in boily/pushy water and carves in and out of even small eddies with confidence. Punching holes is a dream with the boat carrying momentum through the rough stuff nicely. Resurfacing on larger drops is very balanced and feels "under control" at all times and the heavily rockered displacement hull gives fantastically soft landings. Boofing is also a dream, with a deft paddle stroke you can jump the nastiest of hydraulics with ease. Also, this boat rolls easier than anything I have ever paddled (including my old Jackson Fun!) which has to be a good thing!

All in all an excellent, full-on creeker which runs long, meaty granite slides or big volume grade 4/5 with reassuring ease.
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