Helmet Review
Pro-Tec Helmet

7 out of 10

I've worn Pro-Tecs for 29 years, have taken some viciuos head shots and never been injured. They are comfortable, inexpensive and durable. They do have limitations but in general offer good protection. I have read the reviews of the "nay sayers" and the guy from the National Institute for Slamming Pro-tec Helmets, but I have seen no hard data that would make me believe they are unsafe. Here's a good test for compairing Pro-Tecs with your $300 helmets.
One guy with a Pro-Tec and another guy with a $300 helmet stand on a railroad track in front of an oncoming train. They both get killed. The moral of this story is ALL helmets have limitations.
If you've got the money and are going to paddle the Gnar, I can't in good conciuos recommend a Pro-Tec. If you are going to paddle class II-III (IV) a Pro-Tec will be OK.
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