Bushmills Irish Wiskey Review
Good Irish

10 out of 10

Triple distilled Irish is the only way to go. The 16 yr old Bushmills is excellent but so is their 12(only can get it at the distillery) the 20 yr is killer (Open your wallet). The whiskeys made by Jameson are great the Crested Ten is good the 1780 are very good the 18 year old is great their Middleton is great, again open your wallet. I liked the remark ÂOld Bushmills is the Queen's whiskey. Jameson's is the Pope's whiskey ÂBy the way 50% of the Jameson Whiskey is bottled in the Bushmills Distillery. Been there and saw them doing. The old days of separation are slowly going away. Try Tullamore Dew it is reasonable and smooth.

Just an update - I just read Skitekâs remark. Pretty strong for someone that use to drink Bushmills at Sineâs and recommended it.
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