Nomad Series

9 out of 10

Me 6'5", 37" inseam and size 13/14 ft, 228#
paddling since fall of 2000, Mostly class IV, Chattoga, Tallulah etc.
Have paddled dagger vortex, Outlaw, Super Ego, Super EZ, Blunt, Gradient, Airhead.
Positives- Comfortable, I fit with thick soled paddling shoes. It floats me higher than any other boat. I liked the gus but in summer paddling clothes and no safetykit etc. I felt a the very top of the weight range for it. In the Nomad with winter clothes, breakdown paddle, and 10# safety kit, It floats me well.
The boat is very manuerverable for me. Ferries well and makes mid current direction changes well. It doesn't snap into eddies like a playboat but does as well as most creekboats esp. if you stay in a aggressive forward position. It boofs well mostly because of its speed. Bounces over holes. Surfs decently if you care. Doesn't hang up much on bony slides though more than the Gradient. I really don't have anything bad to say about how it paddles. However Tallulah is the hardest I have paddle in it but it was a blast there.
Negatives- It is heavy but all the creek boats I have paddled are. I would would rather heavy and durable than light and sketchy. Some people have had excess wear under the seat but I got mine from NOC and they had put padding under ther so I have not had that. It is hard to get stuff behind the seat which is frustrating because there is a ton of room back there.
Overall I think this is the best creek boat for the over 220# person out there for the type of paddling I do
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