Nomad Series

10 out of 10

First my stats: 6'3", about 205 pds, class 4 easy 5 creeker in the SE.

This review is for the 8.5 Nomad

Coming from an old CFS to a new Nomad, I love the outfitting, the flipswitch backband works really well. Access to the rear compartment area isn't as tight as the CFS but it still isn't what it should be for a creeker IMHO. The outfitting is definitely snugger than the CFS & one has the ability to easily make it overly tight for a creek so check to make sure to know where all the emergency exits are located and that you are comfortable w/ getting out of them. As mentioned elsewhere in another review, the Dagger multi tool that comes w/ a new Nomad is real piece of shite. Mine self destructed about 3/4 through setting up the outfitting, but if that's my biggest complaint so far, I think I'll live.

Handling - The boat has fantastic hull speed and it gets up to speed very quickly as well. Seems to punche over holes rather than throught them. Boofs like a champ. The biggest improvement over the CFS is in the tracking, the CFS always felt a little twitchy to me, but the Nomad reminds more of a M3 in how well it holds a line through hectic water. For a creeker it doesn't feel overly mushy when catching eddies either. Oh yeah, & it rolls like butter.

All in all, a very well balanced boat with great outfitting for bigger people. Definitely give it a look when deciding on a new creeker.

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