Diesel 75

10 out of 10

I spend most of the summer in my playboat. There ussually aren't any creeks running and my creekboat, a CFS, isn't fit for much except the low volume, steep creeking. Anyway, I always felt uncomfortable transitioning from a planing hull with edges to the sloppy handling of the CFS. Yea, it slid down rocks and bombed, but I couldn't make crisp turns and hold my lines like I really wanted.
So, I looked at everythingout there: The H3, M3, Blunt, Gus, etc. I ruled out the Gus becasue I didn't want a displacent hull. I keep hearing about the thigh braces pulling out on the H3 and the 255 just felt too big, conversely, the M3 felt a bit small. The Blunt, which is a great boat, just didn't fit my style of paddling.
So, intro the diesel. I never even demoed it, just looked at the boat, sat in it, like the hull design and ordered one. Yup, pretty stupid not to demo...but after paddling it I don't think there is a better choice out there for an all-around, fun, river runner/ creeker.
I spent the entire day hitting every micro-eddy and attainment move I could on the upper & lower Ocoee. This thing is blazing fast, tracks like its on rails, cuts through holes,and can be thrown into squirrely eddies with abandon. Did i say I'm amped about this boat? I purposely took the hardest lines I could..stupid lines. I mean, if i plan to creek in this thing I want to see what it's all about. Basically, if you suck and you are sporting a diesel, you better find another excuse.
Ok, so is it a real creeker? No. The boat itself is light (which is great), but that makes me question how it might handle the abuse some of your full-on hairboaters dish out. I think it would be fine for anything up to and including the Green. You might think twice about the hairy bear or other such sickness.
I think it will be a great boat for 90% of what most IV/V creekers run in the SE and still be a blast on big water runs like the Gauley. I'll probably be spending much less time in my playboat now...this thing is just to much fun and too comfortable.
When compared to what is out there today, I give this thing a 10.

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