Diesel 75

10 out of 10

I just purchased a WS Diesal 75 this week and paddled the Tallapoosa River to tune-up for an Ocoee run this weekend. This whitewater section is only about 2 miles long and has several class 3 and 1 class 4 rapids. The Diesal was very comfortable and handled very well in some fairly big water. Also, I was able to front surf some waves. I bought this boat as a river running boat to compliment my play boats. I am 6'3 and weigh about 200. Overall I am very pleased with its stability and rolling easibility. I was also pleased with the way it ferried in very strong pushy water. I will give an updated review after spending the weekend on the Ocoee.
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WaveSport Diesel 75
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For Sale $300.00
Good condition diesel $400
For Sale $400.00
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