Diesel 75

8 out of 10

This isn't a complete review as I just demo'ed one for an afternoon at the local park n play...so take it for what it's worth.

I'm 210 6' size 11 shoe. First thing I noticed was how very comfortable the boat's outfitting is. All I did was adjust the footbrace. Nothing is overly agressive (like the H3) and egress is decent for having a center pillar. The butt pad is the thickest I've ever seen on a boat, so taking it out may help with stability more if you need it. One weird thing, the foot brace was entirely too small for the 75. My feet could easily ride over on top of it. Perhaps WS includes a larger footbrace ala Pyranha, but not sure.

On flat water the initial stability feels decent. Not playboat stable but enough to give beginners confidence. The thing that really amazed me is the secondary. Lean it over and it just snaps right back to vertical. Another interesting feature are the side bevels. Many planing hull boats just have a vertical side that meets the chine. This one has 20 degree slanted edges that help release when they try to grab, making it much more user friendly. Still somewhat edgy though so take care with eddies. It'll snap really quick.

The local wave at the park n play doesn't start forming until around 4.0, so I wasn't expecting much. Boy was I wrong. This was the first time I had ever been able to hook up on this wave that was barely there. It carved nice, released easily and basically made me NOT want to take the boat back. So much fun. It may have a flat hull but the ends are curved sharply so it doesn't pearl. That feature will also help keep pitoning down.

I rolled it a couple times. It's not bad at all, easier than the H3, harder than a Micro. This was on flatwater though so not sure what it's like in current. With all the outfitting I imagine it would be fine. The smaller 65 is probably even easier.

So just having paddled it 3 hours I am very impressed and can't wait to demo it again. It's just a fun boat! I gave it an 8 because not having paddled it on downriver conditions, a more accurate review can't be given yet. So far so good though.
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