Nomad Series

9 out of 10

My specs; 5'9" tall, 32" inseam, size 9 shoe, 155lbs. I have a 8.1 Nomad and this boat rocks. It is very fast, holds a line perfectly, turns like a playboat and is super stable. The outfitting is very comfy, it has the new style Dagger backband with the flipswitch locks very nice! The seat is rotomolded and very strong. The hip pads are conventional foam(included) which I prefer, and the footbrace bulkhead is adjustable to fill the cavity in the boat no matter where it is set, also very nice.

The boat is made with Daggers new plastic, EXOLAR, and it is very tough. I've put mine through a couple of tough beatings and it only shows minor surface scratches. The one draw back about this boat is it's weight. It seems to be fairly heavy. The volume is perfect for a person my size, the boat punches holes like they're not even there, resurfaces quickly and manuevers well in tight technical rapids. It is easily the best creekboat I've ever paddled. I'd rate it at a 10 except for the weight. I'd highly recommend the Nomad for anyone looking for a creekboat.

I also think Dagger has adjusted the weight recommendations a little to the light side. The recommended weight limit for the 8.1 is a little on the light side, and I would expect the 8.5 is also, these a big boats with lots of volume and room in the cockpit, they should accomodate any one who wants one.
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