Nomad Series

10 out of 10

I'm 6'2" and weight 210lbs. I've been paddling a Mountain 300 for 6 years.
A Vortex before that, a Response before that, a Mirage Before that. I started out paddling Fiberglass kayaks back in the late 70's. This is my first short boat.
Good points: For the first time in my 26 years of paddling my legs don't go to sleep while paddling. It is very cumfortable. It rolls easily. Has good stability. Has loads of stern volume so it's a surface boat for sure. I was able to handle the class III-IV creekin' we did last week with ease. I'm very happy with it's performance so far.
Bad Points: Catching eddies is different than my long boat. The Nomad seems to slide through eddies. My Mountain could snap into any eddy I could get my bow into. I didn't deduct any points on this because I understand this is common with displacement hulled creek boats. I've have learned to compensate for it. The backband that came with the Nomad is packed away in my closet. I prefer carving my own backband out of closed-cell foam. The biggest problem I found with the Nomad 8.5 is that it leaks through the slots that were cut in the cockpit rim for the backband webbing. I plan on filling them in to eliminate the leakage. I haven't had the operatunity to see how the boat gets out of sticky holes yet. That will be interesting.
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