9 out of 10

I bought this boat about a year and a half ago. I really like it. Its a good combination of play and riverrunning features. Its pretty easy to initiate on the bow and balance while cartwheeling. The speed is mediocre so catching waves on the fly is sometimes hard. Once on a wave it rips! It planes very well and doesnt pearl. I also reccomend a trip to the ocean with it--surfing those waves is f 'in awesome. Going down the river is amazingly easy in such a slow short playboat. Edges never catch, rolling is easy, and it takes a nice line over drops. The outfitting is very easy to adjust, but i would reccomend getting the IR backband. Also, footroom isnt great. Otherwise outfitting is pretty good. I would highly reccomend the EZ to anyone in search of a very capable playboat, also able to take tough water.
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