8 out of 10

My stats and style: 5'5", 145lbs., size 9 feet, I paddle agressively and love to playboat. My playboating skills are getting strong and I can blunt and throw some good links. I would consider myself a free-boater that will river run and do some park and play sessions.

Outfitting: I'm sure by now that everyone knows about the Wavesport fat 2.0 out fitting, like the EZ has. At my sive I fit very comfortably. The out fitting is easy to work with and quick to adjust. The only thing I dislike is the backband. I could never get it dialed in. When I would bow stall sometimes I wouldn't even be touching the thing.

River Running: It does real well, but I didn't really think it was far superior to most playboats like people say. Wavewheels seemed difficult in this boat for some reason, normally I allways stomp my wavewheels but I had problems for some reason.

Holes: This is where I love this boat. It really gets things done when it's in the hole. The boat is really easy to initiate and easy to controll once your link is started. The EZ has improved my cartwheeling tremendously, and if you are still learning to carthweel this is the boat for you. The really short boats that are out now seem hard for me to keep going. The EZ rotates a little slower and it has more stability on ends than the super spuds. I can't really loop but I have hit a few in this, my skills are not proficient enough to say much about looping. It can be done, and there is no reason this boat can't be consistantly looped.

Big Waves: Rediculously loose and very forgiving. Blunts aren't that hard. the EZ is not a good wave boat if you like to aggresively surf, cuz the edge just wont carve hard and it accelerates slowly. This is the only reason I wouldn't own one as my playboat.

Small features: It does pretty well on small feature like you would find on the Ocoee. The length is manangable and it's still easy to spin, but blunts get more difficult the smaller the feature gets. Since it's forgiving it's easy to make long rides out of low power spots.

Flatwater: Not my favorite but it stalls real well. If I had one as my own I would smash down the foot bumps cuz my feet dont go that far back into the boat, and I can really feel that volume when I throw down in the flats. It might even make the boat more stable.

This boat rocks all excpet for big waves. The EZ may be an older design but it's still one of the best, it'll be around for a while putting smiles on peoples faces.

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