Kingpin 6.2

9 out of 10


that's what I was thinking the first time in this boat. I am a pretty solid class III-IV boater that is really beginning to focus on playboating. Our local river the Gallatin hit 6,000 over it low point of 300 and turned a lowhead dam into the sweetest wave I have ever seen. I had spent most of the day in my new Id 7.0 (which I love) and then hopped in my buddies Kingpin for my last couple of rides. I have never had rides like that. I was hopping and spinning all over the wave, very loose hull!! I caught the green tounge and was able to surf it and then pull back into the pile. I would definently try this boat out, I am keeping my eye open for one for sure.
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Dagger Kingpin 6.2
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