9 out of 10

Okay we just got a small herd of Transformers in the other day for our pool sessions. i have paddled both the T2 and T1, flatwater only.

size 10.5 to 11 feet
32" inseam

Basic review:
Fun little boat, about time wavesport got into spuds, that is really cool on the flats. at 6' i am really tight in the boat, but no one said this sport was comfortable, i had to put the thigh hooks back 1 notch from the end of the adjustments and i left it in the factory setting for the cant on the thigh hook. I was forced to move the seat back and basically not use the backband at all. at 140 the boat is easy to initiate with a decent ammount of pop on the bow, the stern for me is quite hard to balance on. when doing rock-a-babies the boat really gets into it and you can go into a stern stall/bow stall, or start up a sequence of flatwheels. once i got used to the boat, all of about 45 min, i could get 3 wheels with very little effort(but at that point i was exausted). i found that when i went to place my next stroke to go from stern to bow the boat would pull to past vertical almost all the time, remadied by cleaning the stern, but this might just be my technique. to double pump the boat into a bowstall is very easy... its just a little harder to stop than an EZ but easier than a G-force. you cannot easilly squirt this boat on flatwater due to the high ammount of volume by your butt, basically the end of the boat. there is a deffiate potential for loops in this boat, couldn't quite huck a complete one due to lack of energy reserves and loss of feeling in my lower body. while i was cartwheeling this boat there was a banner of small pendent flags suspended about 5 to 6 feet above the pool, i initiated the cartwheel and poped the boat up high enough for me to hit the line with my hands

-i can almost cartwheel w/o the paddle (IM NOT KIDDING, i can double pump just using my arms.)
-fast for its size
-outfitting is a little nicer than FAT 2.0 (but if i get one im foaming out the bow....if i need to ;))
-i got to paddle a nice new shiny hulled boat with no scratches
-new colors look great...except for nuclear waste (kinda looks like that monkey puke green plymouth/dodge neon)
-easy to roll
-easy to cartwheel, hard to keep a head but you get used to it
-small, a fullsize or even midsize car trunk might fit this boat
-the grab handels can actually be grabbed and held on to, NO MORE WEBBING...YEY!

-not a lot of foot room
-the seat should go back just a tad more
-too much volume in the stern...if i get one i might consider crushing the stern down a little.
-flips over easily (we are not gonna use these boats for our school fleet)
-carving is a little slugish
-tips are hard to put on (well at least right now....this may be updated a little later)
-the backband is still a FAT 2.0 backband and still slides under your butt, consider replaceing it with a bombergear.
-should have come with a seatbelt as an accessory with the boat
-my feet wouldn't fit with my tevas on, and while barefoot my feet were torn to shreds. the preasure points are the same as in the EZ


FAT 3.0
right now the only advatage are the hip pads which you adjust to your body, the bulkhead is a hell of a lot more comfortable, and the thigh hooks have an adjustable angle setting now.

comfort: about a 7, but this is a park and play boat not a river playboat.

speed: 8

freestyle: 10

river running: 9 once you get used to the edgeiness

creek boat: N/A

vertical ability: 10

stability on end: 8

outfitting: 8

ease of learning in: 7

carving: 7

retentiveness: 10

looseness: 10 (spun out quite quickly, EJ wasn't kidding. get this boat on a wave and close your eyes...youll spin)

ease of rolling: 9 (gets harder as you get more and more tired)

ease of wet exiting: 8

ease of getting in: 8

ease of transport: 9

ease of loading: 9

ease of preforming flatwater moves: 8
total score: 8.52

i rounded up because i have not had too much time in the boat yet. updates will be posted below this line with the date added.

****UPDATE**** 1/14/03
the cam strap on for the bulkhead can be put outside of the cockpit rim to use as a secondary ejection handle, like that on a pyranha H2Zone, Micro, or Inazone. handy if you accidently put that little grab loop into the boat...but if you do and you dont have the cam strap out the cockpit is a little smaller than a standard keyhole skirt (at least with my bombergear sub-k), and you can grab the skirt material and pull it off at either the sides or on the sides if the skirt fits tighter.

****UPDATE**** 1/21/03
got 8 ends with the small stern tips put on and the bumper on the front. The boat tends to get away from you when cartwheeling and it will not cartwheel like an ACE. it tends to go around in circles. the small tip on the stern really made a difference but loops become even more difficult.
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