Freefall LT

7 out of 10

I think this is a great beginner through advanced boat. The Dagger Freefall LT I have used is 9.5 ft about 47 lbs, My buddy paddles the boat weekly with us and I use the boat often. I have a total of about 20 hrs in it.

My Review:

Big Creeker type boat, Excellent stability (Good for beginners), Heavy to help build muscle for long boating days (Not Too heavy), Easy to roll and learn to roll.
Performance: has great hull speed for a large boat, boofs eaisly, If you miss the move this boat will tug boat over just about any obstacle, Big cockpit for easy exits, and lots of storage room even with flotation in place. Huge volume keeps you out of the pins on the tight creeks and big water. Large rounded nose and tail for forgiveness and bumping your way down the creeks. We got this boat used off of about an hour out for $200.00 with plush rigging. Excellent buy *In my opinion*. The owners had (2) Freefall LT's and we helped sell the other boat to one of our buddy's who was just getting into the sport. (HE still paddles this creeker)!!
My only complaint is the large size, for my 5'8 @ 130 lbs this is a big boat, but worth the extra work when you get in the shit!! My final complaint in the boat likes to sidesurf in the big holes,(I think it is because of the huge volume), but I have had a few side surfing marathons I could have done without!! Ha HA. These are well built boats, a great first boat, creeker, or big water boat.
Keep your head down!!!
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