Boater Babes

10 out of 10

We have all seen them. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, coming from different areas of the world...but we all know who and what they are. With their locks of hair tormented and twisted by funky helmets, their faces washed and bronzed from repeated dunkings and sunshine, and the baggy overclothes of fuzzy fleece, we know them....or rather...know of them. They are the shuttle partner you always hope for, the one you jockey to sit by on the long drives, the one you spend a little longer in the hole, throwing down just a bit harder 'cuz they may be watching...They are the one you may even share your post paddle barley pop with....The Boater Babe.

These fine creatures are distinct reminders of the fact there has to be a higher being at work in this Universe. How can a woman who spends 10 days on a road trip, never showering, boating hard every day, still smell so nice? When your own odor is repulsive to even yourself, these fine figures are still fresh as flowers.

When things are cold, gear is frozen, skis are snowing, the mere thought of hanging out with one of these chicas will drive you from your 700 fill down sleeping bag, perched on a 2 inch thick therm-a-rest, into the cold, gray, stark morning. All in the hope to spend your day teasing your hormones into a frenzy, giving yourself mental high fives everytime you catch her looking at you.

These are the women who can start their own campfires, pack their own bottles of tequila, and carry their own boats.

The Boater Babe. Every man's fantasy. I was just lucky enough to trick one into marrying me. Wish the rest of you best of luck.

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