9 out of 10

Me: 130lbs. 5'8, size 10 feet.

play: Great, Alot of big guys buy this boat in order to throw it around. Well, at my weight I can do all they can do, plus loops and air manuevers are easy. Flatwheels are effortless, squirts, wavewheels, eddywheels, all easy and I can even get cleans off them.
Holes: rentnative, blazing fast blunts, loose enough to superclean on edge. At my weight, initiating can be a pain in tiny holes, I usually either spin around and slowly bring up the elevation or give at little more edge and do a bit of ender to get started vert. Once I get the ends going I can keep it up forever. Best short boat I've ever paddled in a hole, more throwable than a disco, but enough volume to loop consitantly even in pourovers.

Waves: not very fast on edge but loose enough that I can get clean 360's every ride on 4ft. ocean breaks. My only complaint is blunts on lip-less waves. I can get roundhouses easily but getting verticle is diffrent, it takes too much speed than I can squeeze out of it. Also, I've never backstabed so easily in so many places than with this boat.

River-Running, heres a list of rivers that I've paddled (successfully) in it: Upper Yough, New River Gorge, Russel Fork, Ocoee, and the big Pigeon. This should give you a pretty good range of conditions... I love it. I'm so comfortable on everything. It punches holes, boofs, and turns as well as my stubby. It's my boat of choice for almost anything with the exeption of low volume, steeeeeep creeks. It does backender, but I've learned to deal. You just have to be carefull and watch where to put your weight. Escape shouldn't be a problem for me but I'll play carefull and take a creeker on low volume, steeeeeep creeks anyway.
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