Which is the most common sprayskirt problem?
Gasket leaking   33 votes   
Seam leaking   31 votes   
Difficult to put on when dry   30 votes   
Too bulky in the midsection   30 votes   
Difficult to get onto kayak   29 votes   
Barrel won't stay up during play   28 votes   
Difficult to wet exit   26 votes   
Finding skirt to fit kayak   26 votes   
Implosion due to water pressure   25 votes   
Abrasion on coaming edge   9 votes   
Difficult to get over hips   6 votes   
Seam failure   4 votes   
Fabric leaking   4 votes   
Barrel height (too short/tall)   4 votes   
Abrasion other than coaming edge   4 votes   
Gasket breakage   4 votes   
One skirt doesn't fit all kayaks   2 votes   
Total 295 votes  
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