My opinion of the BoaterTalk Polls is...
BoaterTalk has polls?   258 votes   
Who cares?   118 votes   
What's a BoaterTalk?   93 votes   
They are lame   90 votes   
I love them   87 votes   
Total 645 votes  
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21859 rroberts
what about boater talk Armenians?
24196 ...
1) This is the first poll since 2009 (and only three that year) . . . that tells you something.
2) (With the exception of this one) Most of the polls have only one or two respondents . . . ttys.
3) Polls too often make lame suppositions (like "If you could only have ...")
4) Polls too often have limited, fixed, lame answers. (like "What's a BoaterTalk" on a Boatertalk poll!)
So . . . my answer is a mix of (most often) "Who cares", (almost as often) "They are lame", and (only very rarely, and still hardly quite so exuberant as the answer would suggest) "I love them".
219 Eric Princen
Polls were turned off for a long time because there was a glitch that deleted the answers for basically all of them.
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