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Oci-One Kanubi
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Male 70
AKA Richard Hopley, living in Winston-Salem, NC, now, and paddling with the CCC, but I did my best boating in the '90s and earliwst '00s when I lived in Rockville, MD and boated mostly with the Monocacy Canoe Club and Blue Ridge Voyageurs. I used to be a Class IV paddler (ran the occasional Class V rapid, e.g. on the Upper Gauley and Upper Yough); mostly prefer Class III/III+ these days. I can no longer roll my canoe, so I prefer to avoid waterfalls, but I would still run any of the Class III/IV streams in my Favorites list at a moderate level (I always like these small technical streams better than big water like the Gauley or the New). I tend to prefer lower water for these runs than most kayakers like; there's lotsa creeky things that are boatable 'way below AW's idea of zero. Best river I ever ran was the Bottom Moose, five or six times; probably won't ever do that again, and probably won't touch Section IV over 1.5'.
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