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What is a userid?
Userids are how we determine who you are. Your userid remains constant. Please pick one you like.
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Why do you need my email?
Email addresses are require because we may need to get in touch with you. If we can't do that, we suspend your account until you get in touch with us. Having your email address is much easier. We do not sell your email to others.
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Why do I have to type my email twice?
Most registration problems occur because people give us the wrong email address. To help limit those occurrences, we ask you to type in your email twice so we can check it for you.
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What is this code I'm verifying?
This is simply to make sure you are human. We have had spam robots register for our site in the past, and this makes it harder for that to happen.
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14285 nsshue
Steve and I have listened to the codes 5 different times and it keeps saying we are entering the wrong code...well, apparently f's sound like s..b's sound like d's, etc....apparently we can not understand the exact letters. so what can we do now?
61247 DaveLedford
managing gearswap only lets me have one posting at a time. i fill out the whole form for another item, make sure the check on making the item active is done and hit finish or whatever, but does not show??
70522 clcleary
why cant I add photo of pants. it let me add photos of boat just fine
79709 abolitionistmark
How do you add photos of gear you are selling?
79593 ipaddle1
having trouble editing my ad. want to add photos
80050 SpruillFisher
how do i take a profile picture or upload one
80187 DaniD
How do I add photos?
55895 OC_1
I am trying to post a boat for sale I log in go to manage my gear fill out the appropriate box Have a Check the box to make the item active on BoaterTalk then I click save but my item is not showing up thuse I cant even add pictures please help
81037 byc3
The same question as others: How do I post picture on gear swap listing?
1777 Metalflake
How do I update my profile information? Mine's only 13 years out of date...
Same problem. How do I add pics of my PFD for sale?
40614 classvoc-1
Same - can't find option for adding photos and it used to come right up.
78876 RiverCarp
I am trying to add pics of my post and after I hit upload it says, "Product Gallery Error"
63417 agent86
How do I add pics to my for sale listing?
49116 screwdriver
how to add pics of item for sale?
81551 BrielleWRA
How do I add a photo of my boat for sale on the listing?
80122 Prokat99
Why do separate items with the same name share one set of photos??? I have two different colored drybags for sale but regardless of them being separate posts, they will only use one set of photos.
80122 Prokat99
Now I can't even edit the single listing I was able to upload. It's very frustrating to create a long, detailed listing only to hit "add" then nothing happens. I've wasted two hours trying to list stuff up here and have only gotten one listing to partially work. What's going on over there guys??
81580 Rockyheadlands
Can you guys get a message to michaelhook44. Can't reach him via message. I'd like to buy a boat he's selling. Driving from Texas. Chatanooga Friday
81648 admartin
How do i post photos to the listing???
72311 Cmix85
How do I delete my account? I'm not subscribed for email notiifcations but keep getting them anyway.
79196 Eli
Bug report. Cant turn off "only unread" messages flag.
39282 patienceash
where is the link to add a boat to sale?
81944 Ralph Robertson
How do I add a Picture to my ad?
52714 ccblumberg
Needing to post a picture of my boat for sale please
72495 briguy
Why doesn't this site's search engine work? I have a mac; I have tried safari, chrome, and firefox with no luck. It has worked in the past. I was signed in while using the search.
81967 Backwaterbobby
how add video/ submit video?
79392 Almurph
How do i delete a post
68277 edp
How do I take an ad down after I've sold it?
72495 briguy
Why doesn't the search feature work? It has not worked for me in over a year. I've also tried it on different browsers with no luck.
61929 geoffingeorgia
When looking through the Product guide for a specific boat, why can't I scroll through the pictures? Why not post them all on one page. The slideshow if infuriating. If I see one I like and it passes by, I have to reload the page and hope to catch it again.
Some boats have dozens of photos. It's infuriating.
82844 Psp2016
How do I add photo of kayak that I am selling?
83000 Idbarrio
How can I edit my post?
77316 jbillings
Why can't anyone from Boatertalk answer the repeated question about the inability add photo's?
81774 bbaltich1
Why won't it let me add photos?
77652 roguester
Why aren't any of the questions being answered???
83563 WalelaAVL
I am trying to post a boat for sale. I log in, go to manage my gea,r fill out the appropriate box, check the box to make the item active, then I click save then screen shows green line with post, view, etc. Can't seem to activate it onto the classified page. Thank you in advance for replying.
14285 nsshue
I have posted a BlackFly Octane 85, but there was no option for adding images. Can you help me?
14285 nsshue
I have posted a BlackFly Octane 85, but there was no option for adding images. Can you help me?
I would appreciate any help on getting pictures up on my ad
83777 Dontneedthishelemet
Why can't I add photos
68742 kevint7
Why can't I add photos to my GearSwap post?
83793 bharvey70
How can I add a photo to my post?
78687 joand
How do I unsubscribe from email notifications?
85122 jdblack
Why can't I add a photo to my post? I used to be able to do it. Does anyone actually respond to these questions?
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