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ATTENTION: ACA Whitewater SUP Nationals

July 9-10 Old Town, Maine on the Penobscot River

July 9th - Sprints
July 10th - Downriver

Racers will be encouraged to compete in both with the fastest time combined equating to the overall ACA WW SUP champion. However winners will be crowned in both events.

Men’s, Women’s, and Youth divisions.

see here for all info

Myself and Matthew Marsden Buckley have been asked by the race committee to be WW SUP Liaisons for this year's races, and we have been working hard at making sure this will be a super fun, inclusive event!

So far, we have WW SUP'ers coming from as far as Colorado and upstate New York ( men and women), and would really like to encourage all of our friends here to join us!

The Penobscot River was recently restored to its free flowing nature, and boasts many class II-III+ rapids (that can only get bigger with more water).
Also, the event is hosted by The Penobscot Nation, who are the original river runners of the region and stewards of the area.

People could make an awesome trip to Maine to attend this event. We have class I - V running every single day because of dam releases. Logistics are easy to access our major river systems of the Kennebec and West Branch Penobscot from Old Town, with only 3 and 1.5 hours drives respectively...The gorges are spectacular that time of year, and are located in pristine wilderness areas, but still have easy shuttles ands are roadside with amenities and plenty of outfitter for camping and awesome beer! (Most of the stuff I post here is from Maine)

Here are links to important info about the race (please visit, like and share)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/penobscotriverwhitewaternational…/…

Course description and photos:

If you are interested in attending, or you and your company are interested in sponsoring the event (which would be rad) please PM me and Mathew on Facebook and we will help and connect you to folks.

Lastly, Matthew and I plan on doing some extra fun things during the event, like possibly some "unofficial race formats" and other fun things to make it an awesome experience for everyone.

Hope you'll join us, and look forward to seeing you in July and on the River.
-Jeremy Cass "J.Cass" wassendy
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