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I'm one of maybe 4 or 5 surf specific kayakers on the great lakes and I no of one surf boat for sale(Murky Waters Twist), buts its for a small(under 170 lb's) very experienced kayak surfer. I spent a few years and bought a few to many boats, so believe me when I tell you that if you want a good surf boat for GL's mush and I know sometimes its really good, but you need to get a Mega bullit X or "S",or a Banshee, in which all are the longer HP boats. Another option is an IC surf boat. You'll never find one for sale in the great lakes region, because nobody will give them up, so buy the bullit thats for sale on this page or call Nigel at Savanna Canoe and Kayak in Georgia. He always has the rite boat and will ship less than $200.
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