note Carolina's coast?
Forum: SurfZone
If you are moving to the Carolina's coast I am in Columbia and get to the beach whenever there is swell. I have a few skis and spare kayaks as buddy boats if you had any interest in trying each. I personally gravitate to my 7'4" Murky Waters Reaction ( Kayak). It is easier to paddle than a ski of comparable performance. A kayak's center of gravity is below the water where as a ski's is above the water line. This makes the ski inherently less stable than a kayak of similar width. To get a ski as stable as a kayak the width would make it's performance a dog. A high performance ski will out perform a kayak, but will be very challanging to paddle.

If you have any longer, planing hole kayaks with harder rails, these can be a lot of fun in the surf also.
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