question Suggestions for east coast kayak/SUP surfing over new years?
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My wife and I have 5 days off over that weekend and would like to take the SUP boards(have not surfed waves with them yet) and whitewater boats (have been in waves with them several times). Looking for suggestions as to where to go. We are in Georgia so thinking somewhere from below Hatteras to above Cocoa Beach. Would like to find a place that is not so commercial like Myrtle Beach where we could rent a place on the beach that is not way over priced but not a dump either. Also would rather have more reliable smaller surf than a possibility of larger waves that we really have no business being in. Had been thinking about Folley but checked places and they all seem rented out for that time. Don't really want to drive all the way to Cocoa Beach but that is where I am thinking might be good for waves (not so much for non-commercial though).
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