note Father of surf kayaking invites you to a party March 9th Capitola 7:30 PM
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Come join us at the Capitola Cafe March 9th 7:30 PM and get down with  the  godfather of surf kayaks Paul Mchugh to his big party.  Buy a book and have him sign it.
You still will have time to do an evening session before the talk/  I recommend privates.

My new novel is coming out â âDeadlinesâ â it will launch on Saturday, Feb. 13, at Book Passage in Corte Madera, to be followed soon by other appearances around the Greater Bay Area⦠including one at the Capitola Book Café, on March 9, at 7:30 p.m.
But heck, THIS is a party, a book party, and you are invited! Hope that makes up for it, mate.
Beyond that, how would you feel about putting out the word on your e-mail list? âDeadlinesâ is not only offered  by a writinâ paddler, this murder-mystery has very strong land-use and public resource themes, of interest to any eco-minded citizen on the coast.  Hope to see you at Capitola, or one of the other events!
Paul McHugh
Past Outdoor writer for the SF Chronical

Butt Surf Gang,
            This is Paul McHugh.  He was the author of this thing we endear as Surf Kayaking.  He and a Lilliputian called Matty Kinsella helped me organize the US surf kayaking scene.  He was an esteemed writer for the outdoor section of the Chronicle and with sufficient bribery would submit to an article for the SCKSF.  He has since retired, and as most former rag artists has chosen to align words into novels in his waning years.  He is a wordy as Michael Chabon without the Yiddish jargon and his claim to fame is that he has single handedly brought an obscure kayak manufacturer called Phoenix to the forefront of surf kayaking-which was a debatable improvement on the Jester-he is a romantic.  He is worth listening to and will be at the Capitola Book Café March 9th @ 7:30 PM.  
Dennis Judson

Hey All, Co and I have Paul's new book, and have to say it is really awesome. Mom and Co could not put it down, and I have been able to partake of it in my "spare" time when they were not reading it. I encourage you all to check out "Deadlines" and try to make his Capitola Book Cafe shindig. He has truly outdone himself with this project!!
Dan Crandal

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