note Price of cart.
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Its actually a reasonable price. You'd spend close to $80 or more in parts and shipping to try to duplicate that "simple" cart and will STILL have to spend another half a day to put it together and test it to make it work. Trust me. I have done this. And ended up spending WAY too much money AND effort on a simple cart.

I'm glad you posted this one. It is actually the first one that I have seen that actually does what it needs to do. The problem that I ran into was that if the strap across the IK/raft wasn't super tight and the platform was too narrow, the cart would seesaw back and forth and eventually work its way towards the back or loosen the strap and the cart would fall flat on the ground. For whitewater boaters, you'd probably also want to go with the larger one with the larger wheels.

To get around the problem described above, you could drill a hole in the ends of the shorter of the braces that are perpendicular to the axle, THEN run two ropes or pieces of webbing up towards the carrying end of the boat and either tie them to the front loop or create a harness and pull it that way. It sounds way more complicated that it really is.

Let us know what you end up doing. We can compare notes.

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