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I do believe RMR has the option to "upgrade" to drop stitch floor.

There are pros and cons to both (as I'm sure you are aware due to your research) but I'd hazard to guess that a company's desire /ability to offer one and not the other lies maily in the fact that the two are built completely differently and would require additional equipment and skills that would add cost and time (also cost) to the manufacturing process. It is cheaper to build ibeams.

Believe it or not some people prefer ibeams to drop stitch for their own reasons... and some of those reasons might sway a person to go with a particular manufacturer, so it would not be wise to "upgrade" all rafts to drop stitch because you may alienate your fanbase...but yes it would be nice if every manufacturer had an either/or option.

Ultimately, one should remember that not all ibeams/ drop stiches are the same. Stiff urethane materials (like Sotar and NRS's Revo series) and even pvc to a certain extent can make even ibeam floors very stable. Also the way some "budget branded" dropstitch floors are attached is cause for some concern and definitely has caused headaches for people. Arguably, ibeam floors are often easier and cheaper to repair after an issue...lets not forget about the tracking benefits of an ibeam floor as well.

I own six raft of many different; makes, materials, sizes and floor styles. My favorite to flyfish out of is my 14' Urethane NRS revolution with an ibeam floor. It's as sturdy as most drop stiches to walk around on @ 2.5 psi.

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