th_up Thanks! (and a few ore??)
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I got to sit in one and experiment at GF. The cockpit is long enough for the paddlers to scoot back and add a small thwart from an IK giving enough room for a kid or small [5'0"] adult to sit in front , in the "splash zone". For us this would only be for II-III stuff like loop, slip etc. For anything harder, its back to 2 persons.

I'll add 2 D rings to strap an IK thwart in in the cockpit.

What about adding 4 handles to front and back to help 2 people carry around places where its not easy for 1 person? (I resemble Lurch from the adams' family so no difficulty with arm length-only with bumping my head.)

Anything else I should order/add on etc while I'm in the flow??

i think we are going to pull the trigger on one.

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