feedback The RMR boat is the new kid on the block, I don't know anyone that has one.
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OTOH, there are four manufacturers that now make paddle cats beside the Original Airtight Shredder and the industrial version built by DIB (very heavy duty and very heavy). With the exception of the Aire Sabertooth, all are around that 50lb mark. The Sabertooth is the largest and has the biggest cockpit, it also the heaviest and the most expensive. That said, it I were doing a serious expedition, it would be my boat of choice because of load capacity and the construction is bombproof. The smallest cockpit would be in the Jack's Plastic Welding Culebra and it's very short waterline makes it the most stroke sensitive of the cats even though it is one of my favorites if you have a skilled partner. The original Shredder and Hyside Paddlecat are almost identically sized, the RMR and Star Inflatable boats are 4" to 6" wider, but I doubt you could tell the difference in the cockpit size of either of the four.

My current cat is a Hyside Paddlecat and I like it as an all around cat. My winter project is going to be to build an oar frame for it.

Oh, the current manufacturers of paddle cats. Airtight Inflatables, Demaree Inflatable Boats (the two originals), Jack's Plastic Welding, Hyside, Star Inflatables and Rocky Mountain Raft.

Come down to the Russell Fork next weekend or the last weekend and I'll take you down the easy section in mine.
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