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Try American Whitewater pages. http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/2418 This might help you out. Its pretty descriptive.

Rapids to be particularly careful in are Lower Railroad, Middle and Lower Keeney (look at the aerial photo to see how close they are), Double Z, Millers Folly (or Undercut), and Fayette Station. Most of the rapids are LINE UP IN THE RIGHT PLACE and take the drop. Except for Double Z and Millers Folly (Undercut). Those two require some maneuvering in the rapid. The biggest problem with the rapids is knowing where to line up at the top of the rapids and knowing where to swim if you flip. There is a substantial drop at most rapids and they all look similar at the top.

Watch out for water level. I would suggest below 3.0 feet on the Fayette Station gauge. I don't know the cfs conversion that well so I can't speak to that. The watershed is HUGE so when the water comes up, it tends to stay up for a while.


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