question Rafting the New
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Hey everyone. My university's outdoors club is looking at taking a small group down the new in a raft. We annually take a raft full of inexperienced boaters down the Lower Yough and we are considering taking a group of more experienced paddlers down the New (cunard to fayette station). When we run the lower yough we dont tend to have too much issue. We get through the more serious rapids fairly well, we haven't flipped a raft at dimple in years. The only thing that tends to give us trouble is rock gardens in shallow water, entrance rapid is always a little interesting.

Anyway, we would be running the New in a 13 ft paddle raft, full of our most experienced rafters/boaters. I would be our most experienced boater, I'm a solid class IV boater in a hard boat. We have two or three others that are class III hard boaters and another who worked as a paddle raft guide on class 2 and 3. I've been down the New in a raft 4-5 times before but I've never hard boated in and I've never been dpwn in a non-commercial raft trip.

I was just curious about how difficult the raft lines are to hit and whether or not it's something that's feasible for us or if its out of our skill range. I understand the New is much BIGGER than the lower yough but from what I remember a lot of the lines didn't seem as technical, and there isn't really a whole lot of rock dodging. I am most concerned about undercuts and knowing the lines to stay away from them. If there is any sort of online resource or guidebook that shows the raft lines that would be super helpful. And if this trip seems a little too difficult for us what would you recommend as a stepping stone between LY and the New.
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