note Aire Lynx
Forum: RaftZone
I did the hard boat thing for a while but now I own two Lynx and have been paddling one for 5+ years on class 2/3 WW. (Nanty, FB9, Lower Yough, Chattooga 3, Upper New etc) I absolutely love mine. A bit pricey but worth every penny. I tried several other IK's but found the Lynx the sweet spot for me. I use the larger thwart for the backrest and the 7" thwart for my feet. I use ACK thigh straps (made by Seals) that I prefer the adjustments and hardware on. I had a custom two piece Werner Powerhouse paddle done in 220cm that is still going strong after at least 100 river trips. I am 6' 230 and 53 years old. This is a set up I hope will carry me well into retirement. I agree not much wiggle room on the price on these. ARC is my hometown dealer....they gave me a little better price than some others.

The NRS Maverik was another good option.....just liked the Lynx better. I recently paddled an Aire Outfitter. To me the Lynx is more versatile but the Outfitter worked (and maneuvered) amazingly well and would be a super big water boat IMHO. Would love to have one if funds become available.

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