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Formerly Asheville Adventure Rentals, will rent you a boat, helmet, skirt, pfd, and paddle all for only $45 a day. As far as class 2-3 goes, there's the French Broad Section 9 (FB9) (II-III) about 45 min north of Asheville, the Pigeon (II-III+) just over the border in TN also about 1 hour from Asheville, the Nantahala(II+), and the Dillsboro section of the Tuckasegee (II-II+), among others but those should all have reliable flows. Just check them out on the AW website. The benefits(and maybe downsides depending on how you look at it) of the Nanty and Pigeon are large crowds and free shuttles, so you can probably just show up and find someone to paddle with. The Tuck you can arrange for a shuttle with a local outfitter. The AW website has details. I don't know about shuttles for FB9. Good luck and have fun!
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