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My wife and I are taking a trip in early September to the NC area. We hope to kayak for 2 days in between other obligations, probably September 6-7,2016. We boat in Colorado and Wyoming, but have never been kayaking in the SE.

I would appreciate some beta on where to find a river guide or boating group for class 2-3 rivers, and rental gear. We are not able to take our regular boats (JK Zen 65, LL Remix 59) and other equipment with us on the airplane; so, that's why we need to find somewhere to rent gear. We called Endless River Adventures and the NOC; but, the only way they offer a guide and rental gear is with instruction, which is super-expensive. I'm a competent class 3+ boater, and my wife is comfortable on class 3. We're looking to stay well within our comfort zone on this trip.

1. Are there any whitewater kayak rental shops in the area that rent gear?

2. What nearby rivers/sections would be good to run for class 2/3 boaters?

3. Are there any boaters in the area who we would meet up with us to run the Nantahala or something similar?

Thanks for any advice/help you can offer. Thanks.
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