note Lost two Carlisle Oars on Cheat Narrows 4/9/17
Forum: Lost and Found
Yea, we borrowed some rafts to get our strokes down-practice for Grand Canyon trip this summer. Lesson learned: sometimes the kayak run is not the raft run. We flipped 3 rafts in Calamity (you missed a show!). Oops. These oars have yellow blades and have about 5 foot shafts. They don't float like a paddle, the oar stops (black rubber parts to fit in the oar locks) cause the oars to float in an upright position. So they look like straight sticks pointing to the sky as they float by. We kayaked down to the bridge looking for them. They could have gone past the dam or they might have hung up on some rocks and could appear anywhere below Calamity. My number is 919-744-9017 or email is sgroetzinger@nc.rr.com. Thanks.
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