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Welcome to BoaterTalk's long requested off-topic forum.
If you want to discuss things with your fellow boaters that have nothing to do with paddling, this is where you do it.
This is the social club.
All non-boating posts in the BoaterTalk forum will be deleted.
gack Dictator Chic dangore New
note That's not voluntary, that's bribery. <NT> Helly New
sad Or blackmail <NT> Helly New
smile Lawyer, lawyer, pants on fire! RandyH New
question Getting any work done today? <NT> Helly New
smile Fear not, Matt Damen RandyH New
smile quite the opposite likes 7 roscoepwavetrain New
note Shrub RandyH New
note I couldn't stand obama DangerJudy New
note I know DangerJudy New
note Freedom <NT> OarLock New
question Freedom to be a transgender witch? <NT> OarLock New
note That hurts my head. Will_Carry New
note my view SwimmerBill New
smile Washington was a Liberal! OarLock New
note But not necessarily a leftist... RandyH New
question Like what for example? <NT> OarLock New