note If you can find an honest, competent contractor, you hire that person....
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the first word of that sentence being the most important one.

Both at home and in industry, that has become a challenge in recent times around here.

Often you are given the choice between "competent and corrupt", "incompetent and corrupt", and "incompetent and honest". Given those choices, one is best off with "incompetent and honest". I have been stuck with both corrupt experts and honest fools. On a whole, the corrupt experts have created bigger, more expensive messes. The honest fools will at least share the cost of the damage as they try to fix it on the 5th try.

In the election, we were not given any good choices. Just very flawed ones. I voted for a pair of fairly uncontroversial governors whose biggest flaw was limited interest and knowledge in foreign policy. Most others either voted for a person with little experience and questionable honesty or a person with more experience and much less honesty.
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