note Billy Bob is talking Joe Lieberman for FBI...Some of them YouTube videos are purdie good...
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Found one that told me how to bring a 13 year old HD projection TV back to life for $75. Replaced a couple power chips - First time since graduating college that I used my engineering degree in power electronics. Would have been $1500-2000 for a new TV.

More recently watched one on how to get an obsolete motor drive to talk to a thing called "Ethernet" that didn't exist when the drive was manufactured.

We all start out as Billy Bob. Then we learn. Often by doing and trial and error. At some point, we decide if we are honest or not. Decide if we are going to take pride in doing a good job or are going to just do the bare minimum that is needed to get paid. Most of the contractors that I have had to deal with for both the house and at work fall into either the incompetent or the competent but corrupt. You will never get anything good out of a corrupt contractor, but if the incompetent one is honest, you have some chance of getting him to understand that he screwed up and that with appropriate training he might be able to do better.

Hillary was clearly not honest. She also promised to continue policies that had been proven to be hurtful in the past to me and my family. Bernie was honest, but also promised those same policies. Sadly, he came across as someone who would not change course if/when presented with evidence that those policies weren't working. Trump is clearly an inexperienced, loudmouthed bull in a china shop with debatable honesty. His policies - if implemented in a thoughtful way, would be of benefit. The real question is if he can learn anything. If he can, it will take time. If Lieberman is the pick, that would be a good sign.

My preference was an honest policy wonk security advisor that linked domestic policy on jobs and environment to foreign policy. He did not make it through the Dem primaries. I ended up voting for a pair of experienced governors with high job ratings in their states who ran on a socially liberal, fiscally conservative platform that matched my politics. Nobody ever accused them of dishonesty.
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