feedback Fish consumption advisories are typically based on extremely conservative (90-95% UCL) dose responses
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The regulatory agencies are trying to protect human health, as they should, however, the toxicity data they use to generate these advisories usually comes from a range of animal studies, which they then apply a number of uncertainty factors to, and then take the 95% upper confidence limit on and use that number to generate a reference dose. They then assume that the fish you are catching have tissue concentration that are also at the upper end of the range.

So realistically, unless you are eating these fish all the time and they all have extremely high body burdens, you should be just fine. Unless you are pregnant, then definitely don't eat them.
Especially those with mercury advisories. There isn't much evidence for mercury causing cancer, but it will definitely cause developmental issues.

Plus, you're not going to get cancer just because you eat these fish. We are all going to get cancer anyway because of the SVOCs and VOCs in our carpets and sofas, the artificial sweeteners and crap in our food, the plastic and residual chemicals in our water supply, the pollution in our air, etc etc. Plus, as paddlers, we're probably all gonna get skin cancer too.

We're all gonna die at some point, so eat a fish or two. It won't make a difference.
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