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My adopted daughter's birth dad, who is a paranoid schizophrenic/meth addict, has made it from socal to Helena, Montana. He was as close as Missoula for a day this week. He is trying to decide whether to "drop in for a visit" on my daughter he has never met (due to his mental health, meth use, homelessness, and a half dozens arrest in 2016) ORRR he might go to Washington DC. Why D.C.? The voices in the TV are telling him the government is after him. I have zero doubt that if he chooses D.C. that he will end up on the news and we will not see him for a long time....or ever again.

I also have a 52 year old woman living in my basement who suffered a bad domestic violence incident in January. She is our Nanny and we felt it was the right thing to do to give her a short term stay. We would have chosen differently if we had a crystal ball. She has no boundaries as we have come to find out. One day I came home and she had gutted my kitchen drawers and reorganized them, even throwing out items she "thought we didn't use". Lots of stuff like that...

I found out I'm on blood thinners for life last week.

Someone close to me just got to Federal Prison. He probably won't survive the stay due to heart issues.

But....it is what it is....

While there has been a severely inordinate amount of drama in the last couple of years, I'm actually quite happy. I just use BT too often as a place I can offload some stress by writing it out.

There is a whole lot of good in my life.

I'm typing this in a hammock for petes sake. :)
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