smile Peterj, I am just too busy to try and talk reason to the few gullible conservative goofs that post here.
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Most on this board understand, are embarrassed and disgusted by the party formally known as the GOP and our POtuS.

I really do have a significant amount of work, being my own business. And, beside the significant demand of my job, I have to build all the infrastructure by myself to get it done.

I don't have much to say that I have not already said. If you think Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the oligarchs give a crap about the common working man, how can I possibly change your, or any other "conservatives", deluded mind? Should I just come on here and say "I told you so"? I will wait until Chump and Tilterson screws up the Iran nuclear treaty and Iran develops Nuclear weapons in less than 2 years as a response. Or, maybe, when Chump starts a war with NK and 100's of thousands of South Koreans loose lives along with 20 to 50 K US military.

We now have an illegitimate supreme court judge that is all for corporations and religious zealots. We have an executive office that has done absolutely nothing except cause international stress and sell our country for his financial gain. Every time I hear Chump talk, it is embarrassing. It's like hearing Eric Cartman talk about Chelate cake.

I feel embarrassed for anyone that actually tries and defends this insanity.

Fire away. My answers may be short because I have to get shit done if I want to paddle.

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