note OK here is my experience with someone like that
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As a teenager I was working in a scrap yard in central Ga in summer. my job was to walk to the bottom of the S facing hill, pick up a piece of mater, walk back up & put it is 1 of 3 binds depending on what kind of metal.

It was brutally hot and the pay was low. the cast iron in particular would burn your hands if you didnt have stout gloves on. i was used to working outdoors in hot weather but it was hard even for a young guy used to it. the boss would pick up various people & drop them off to work. most didnt make to lunch time.

one day he brought a guy w. nickname "chick". as soon as the boss left we'd sit in the shade and BS & i asked hm about his nickname. he said he'd just gotten it. he was in the

*** Ga prison for the criminally insane***

was released and didnt have anywhere to stay so someone let him sleep in their chicken house. the birds peeping was keeping him awake so he pulled the heads off a couple of thousand chickens.

he looked at people [including me] like if i inconvenienced him in any way he'd just as easily do that to me or anyone else.
he left before lunch & i was happy.
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