note Have you ever hired a psycho?
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I now have.

Holy shit.

It sucks.

This woman has a disorder. I'm not a psychological health professional, but, my god, this woman is off the charts for some known condition, I'm sure.

She needs help. She has systematically served to dismantle our entire business. She is a cancer.

And much like cancer, she wasn't detected early enough. Her shenanigans are daily occurrences. My wife and I find ourselves trying to decompress in the evenings with light banter, but can only talk about this ticking time bomb we have employed. Everything seems to come back to this topic.

Think of every awkward Ben Stiller movie moment. Then think of the movie American Psycho. When you are done, you won't even touch this woman's train of thought. You want to laugh, but it is real. You want to call the authorities, but she hasn't come completely unhinged...yet.

I have never, in my entire life, personally witnessed a train wreck like this woman.

The worst part? She will never...ever...see it.

She is a true psycho.

I truly fear for anyone and everyone associated with her.

Her last day is June 1.

Her departure will increase my weekly workload by 75%. I don't even care.

Just get this psychopath away from me......

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