note This is a game with no stakes that we all play. The game is called Negotiation. It is the Family Sport
Forum: Liquid Lounge
It keeps the wives and the grandma on the phone for hours of each day until the vacation. It gets grandpa hours of peace and quiet from his wife of 45 years. BiL and I have to keep feeding locations to the women so they keep talking on the phone. The more they talk, the more peace and quiet the men get. Its the circle of life.

BiL threw down with Tahiti last night. That set off a furious round of call and counter call until the old man said no. Now I need to offer a location, or BiL takes the lead and I'll need to offer 3 locations to catch up.

I'll throw a Caribbean island as my opening salvo tonight.

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note Maybe suggest Fresno. <NT> RandyH New